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GOLD! The Kincaid Saga, Book 1.

By Thomas Greenbank

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GOLD! is an 80,000-word 4.5-star gritty Family Saga set in the Western Australian goldfields, 1975-2005. This is a tale of greed, betrayal, family conflict, and murder. It is also, however, a story of love, loyalty, and retribution.

This is an Aussie tale, as big as the country in which it is set, populated by true Aussie characters and a villain you'll love to hate.

Malcolm Kincaid is a self-made man. He is also a ruthless businessman and opportunist. He knows what it takes to build and maintain a business empire, but how far will he be prepared to go to achieve his goals — and what will he sacrifice along the way?

Rachel, Malcolm's one-time fiancé; his business partner, and the mother of his child through coercive rape, finds herself forced to work with the man she has grown to despise.

Unaware of his true parentage, their son, Lachlan—after first studying for a law degree—advances through the ranks as their company grows while Rachel does her best to mitigate Malcolm's increasing influence on him. This task becomes more difficult when Malcolm appoints Lachlan as manager of a new mine.

Lachlan soon has his own set of challenges: A fractious and sometimes domineering wife with a drug dependency; a child of his own, and a conscience that often leads him into direct conflict with his Machiavellian ‘uncle’.

Over three decades, Malcolm Kincaid uses, abuses, and dominates associates and family alike, crushing all opposition in his pursuit of wealth and power.

When he allows the pollution of an Aboriginal settlement’s water supply, however, he faces justice of a kind he could never imagine.

GOLD! is a story filled with unexpected twists and intriguing sub-plots. Please Note: This story contains elements of drug abuse and sex scenes and is suitable for mature readers only. 

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ISBN: 978-0-6489611-1-6

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages

Thomas Greenbank