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Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom

By Anthony Ordille

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Eager to break the cycle of bad choices, cravings and compulsions? Discover the key to leaving any addiction behind and embracing freedom.

Struggling to resist your dependency? Are you riddled with guilt about sneaking around trying to hide your habit? Is focusing on getting your next fix destroying your relationships? With over twenty-three years of living a clean and sober life, respected author, licensed minister, and Therapon Institute certified therapist, Anthony Ordille has helped hundreds face down their demons and embrace a reinvigorated identity. Now he’s here to share his easy-to-follow approach to helping you or your loved ones look to a higher power and finally heal.

Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom is a heartfelt guide aimed at anyone hungry to escape their destructive rut and reach for transformation. As a recovered addict, Ordille uses compassion, pointed questions and answers, testimonials, and scripture to direct you toward self-forgiveness and a positive outlook. And by following his straightforward exercises, perfect for either solo or group work, you’ll make powerful strides and pave the way to a brilliant future.

In Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom , you’ll discover:

  • Why the mistakes of your past don’t define you and how you can renew your self-perception
  • Ways to get back on track after a relapse that allow for correcting course and soaring to new heights
  • How Christ-centric techniques can lighten your load and help you walk in forgiveness
  • Practices for ending negative thinking to elevate yourself to a healthy truth
  • Advice for bolstering your mindset, direction on letting go of your missteps, and much, much more!

Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom is the encouraging resource you need to crush negativity and rocket down the road to recovery, with an additional workbook available. If you like expert counsel drawing on the authority of God, teachings from someone who’s been there, and plain-spoken guidance, then you’ll love Anthony Ordille’s comprehensive and life-changing guidebook.

Buy Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom to greet a new dawn today!

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ISBN: 9798987800430

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Anthony Ordille