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Carbon Copy

By MD Hanley

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Imagine a world where every disease can be cured. The aging process could be obliterated. Human lifespan would be unlimited. Now imagine this power in the wrong hands, where dictators or military generals could indiscriminately kill a person anywhere in the world using their cellphone. Carbon Copy is a fast paced and captivating thriller that takes you into the exciting world of 3D bioprinting, nanobots, and IoT technologies. Håvard Evanson uncovers the golden opportunity for money and power as he delves into the online communities of the less reputable areas of the darknet. Following him is the FBI, NSA, and several other cyber agencies chasing him around the world. From Seattle to Boston to Iceland. This will keep you glued to the story to find out what happens next.
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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

MD Hanley