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Reaper in the Desert

By Jonathan Bowles

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Spring arrives in the Year three hundred and nineteen, Tyr has recovered from the troubles he faced in his last visit to the Tsuran Desert.
Despite the only forces they encounter being the monsters of Guvan, Tyr must once again trek back into the harsh land to continue the hunt for Guvanian forces.
He is joined by an unlikely ally in the form of Heinrich Gausser, the son of Duke Darius Gausser one of the leaders of Astor.
The brash brute is cold and distant, despising Tyr with every fibre of his being.

Though Heinrich is now tasting his freedom from his family, though he is still stalked daily by his title.
His eyes turn to the east, to begin his first hunt in the horrific land of Guvan.

This short-story is part of a series known as the Tales of Zersha.


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Book Length: 60-150 Pages

Jonathan Bowles