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Billionaire Mafia Triplets: Ruth

By Vesta Romero

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Family legacy collides with fierce ambition, mafia romance style. Meet Ruth, the youngest of the notorious Moretti triplets, is hell-bent on shaking up the patriarchal norms that have kept her on a tight leash for most of her life.

Ruth's rebellion kicks into high gear when she flips the script, giving her father's choice of a husband a not-so-subtle hard pass and it's not the only curveball she's throwing.

She's got the hots for the mysterious Domingo, one of her father's most trusted men who's cooking up some secret schemes of his own involving dear old dad. Buckle up because this family drama is about to take a crazy detour!

As Ruth stakes her claim to lead the pack, she's ready to face the consequences head-on. Nothing's gonna throw her off course because she's determined to be the boss of the Moretti family.

Defiance had always defined her. Now, with passion and power added into the mix, they all come at a dangerous price: Her mother's life.
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ISBN: 9798224082940

Book Length: 60-150 Pages