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By E. M. Duesel

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Ouray High School has had its share of students with
behavioral disorders. But before the school system hands these students over to
an unsympathetic administrator with problems of his own, a progressive teacher
by the name of Frankie Cedric introduces a class design that changes
everything. Unexpected danger from an unstable madman stalks her and puts her
outdoor classroom at risk. Even as the threat of harm looms over them, the
students and staff turn conventional learning upside-down and have a great time
doing it. The students’ social behavioral disorders become their strengths and they
learn how to love and understand their unique way of learning. 
As the madman is stalking her and her students, all they have is their
exceptional abilities and a raccoon to outsmart him. In truth, his inner child
suffers… and his personal pain becomes everyone’s peril.

ASIN: ISBN#978-1-64970-234-0

Book Length: 150-320 Pages