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The Hourglass of El Diablo

By Anna Elizabeth Judd

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The Hourglass of el Diablo takes place in the old west during a time when the terrain was hostile, gunslingers ran throughout the countryside, bringing fear to anyone who crosses their path. A young boy, Jed is forced to endure his father's wrath after his mother dies suddenly.

In an attempt to secure his father's admiration, he begs to raise a young colt whose dam dies during birth. It is the first time Jed understands what loving another being truly means. Due to, his desire to leave, he gets a job at the livery stable in town. One evening upon returning home, he is freed from the brutal acts of an abusive parent when his father leaves suddenly. Since the departure left him alone, Jed befriends the devil himself.

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ISBN: 978-1648731846

Book Length: 150-320 Pages