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How To Write a Novel in 12 Steps

For many authors, writing a novel is the ultimate dream.  So, what’s holding you back? Far too often, writers start, get only a few chapters in (or less), and simply give up.  Maybe the story idea wasn’t strong enough.  Or procrastination took over.  Ideas seemed to fly away, or you just felt your writing wasn’t […]

9 Steps for Writing a Captivating Short Story

Short stories are a common adventure for writers at all stages of their careers.  They are a great way to start out your career.  Before tackling novels and longer stories, it’s a great idea to start with a short story. This way, you’ll get a feel for the challenges and process of creating fiction in […]

How to Create A Baseline of a Story: A Guide for Writers

Creating a book people can’t put down starts with the plot.  You need a baseline that makes people want to find out what happens, a plot that propels them through the pages.  To craft a page-turner, you’ll need a gripping plot that brings readers on the ride of their lives.  How can you develop a […]

The Simple 9-Step Guide to Character Development

Once you’ve parsed out your novel idea and can explain it within a couple of sentences, it’s time to tackle the challenge of character development.  For people who outline their novels, character development is a difficult, albeit extremely important, task.  The best stories feature multi-dimensional, realistic characters.  No matter how sci-fi or out there your […]

The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Effective Synopsis

Your synopsis is just as important, arguably even more than your actual piece.  It seems like writing a synopsis after you’ve already written your book should be a breeze, but that’s not the case.  In reality, writing your synopsis can be a lot more difficult than you may imagine.  With your synopsis, you have about […]

The Top Books to Help Writers Hone Their Skills

Writing is a craft that requires continuous development. No matter where you are in your writing career, there is always an opportunity for learning and growth.   New and veteran authors alike can learn from each other and continue to improve their writing, organization, and overall strategy.  One of the best ways to learn as a […]

A Simple Guide On “How To Publish A Book”

Knowing How To Publish A Book…Starts Here! Our simple guide to publishing your book, we hope you like it. Finally finishing writing your book is a huge accomplishment, but it’s only part of the process.  Once you’ve completed the writing and editing, give yourself a pat on the back. Now is the time for publishing.  […]

Mission Critical Amazon SEO Tips

Take Your Amazon SEO Knowledge To The Next Level As of 2020, Amazon has joined technology competitors such as Google and Bing in relation to product searches. Studies show that now over 50% of all product searches begin on Amazon, which puts the company in the top five of a list of the largest search […]

100 Famous Book Quotes

100 Famous Book Quotes Below is our continuously growing list of the best famous book quotes of all time. If there is a quote you would like us to add, please let us know by using our contact us form. Also, if you enjoy this list, feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social […]