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In His Arms: A Sweet Romance With Just A Hint Of Spice! (Second Chances DO Happen!)

By Pat Adeff

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Kristy and Jackson have an adorable 3-year old daughter and a wonderful marriage.
One day, Jackson comes to the rescue of a stranger.
And Kristy's life is forever changed ...

Sometimes life throws trouble at you, and you either handle it or you bat it away.
Other times life brings you to your knees where you desperately try to catch your breath.
And then there are the times life just stops.

In His Arms is the story of Kristy, a young mother left on her own. If it wasn't for her family supporting her, well ... she didn't want to think about that.

However, sometimes life changes its mind and throws something down in your path.
Something you weren't even looking for.
His name is Lucas and he's a firefighter/paramedic.

Add in a cute precocious daughter and a rescue dog and things get really interesting, really fast.

In His Arms for all the emotional feels that come with life and love.
Set in Southern California close to the beach, this sweet romance about second chances and extended families is inspirational and heartwarming.
There is a bit of spice in this clean romance, and a few swoon-worthy kisses, but no explicit words.

If you enjoy Cathryn Brown, Rachel Hanna, Pamela Kelly, or Kay Correll, you will enjoy Pat Adeff's 
In His Arms.


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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Pat Adeff