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The Brides of Woodmyst: The Woodmyst Chronicles Book VII

By Robert E Kreig

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War is coming.

The Maji sends his brides to lay claim to the land in his name.

His power grows stronger as his fingers stretch out to cities near and far, adding immeasurable numbers to his forces.

Innocents are slain.

Alice Warde, Kayl'sro of the Agrodien, must fight the urge to intervene, allowing countless to suffer, as she builds the bond needed to sustain the power of her new sisters. But this is just one of the many sacrifices needed if any hope of victory is possible in this time of darkness.

The Four have awakened.

Life. Death. Earth. Sky.

Three have united.

The other seeks dominion.

Only together can they restore order.


The Brides of Woodmyst is the seventh book of The Woodmyst Chronicles.

​It is the continuing story of Alice Warde and her journey as a young girl coming of age, a leader of a lost people, a fierce warrior and a prime sorceress with more power than even she can imagine.

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ISBN: 9780645384550

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages