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Sigil: Catacomb's Serenade (Science Fantasy Adventure)

By The Archivist

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Another murder...

...another missing child.

And the haunting melody flowing up out of the catacombs beneath the kharjik vault cities.

Sylvanus is a Sigil, a sworn protect and martial mage of the Rorance Kingdoms. His specialty: hunting down rogue necromancers. After helping to take down a necromantic crime ring, Sylvanus is headed home. Just in time for his daughter's birthday. Seeing her, and how big she's grown, tears him apart. How can he continue to perform his duty as a Sigil while also being a father? That question will have to wait...

As he's called to Abhaku to hunt down a serial killer whose using necromancy.

Sylvanus will stop at nothing to make sure he's there for his daughters birthday. He won't let her down again. That's why, he's decided to enlist the help the Nelrekir, the lich who's bound himself to Sylvanus's service after his assassination attempt failed. Sylvanus will have to rely upon Nelrekir's necromantic lore as they venture through the vault cities and into the depths of the catacombs beneath.

Sylvanus will have to face the demons of his past if he's going to unravel the truth.

Part of the Legends of the Fall shared universe!


Book Length: 320-650 Pages