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Supernatural Books

The Wax Factory

The Wax Factory

Justin Bienvenue

Supernatural, Dark, Horror, Teen & Young Adult

Moons, Magic, and Mystery: An Anthology of Paranormal Cozy Mystery Shorts

Moons, Magic, and...

Trixie Silvertale

Cozy, Supernatural, Humor, Teen & Young Adult

Don't Lose Your Head

Don't Lose Your He...

Dave Williams

Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Crime

Salem's Daughters

Salem's Daughters

stephen tremp

Psychological, Legal, Supernatural, Serial killer

Call of Magic: A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances

Call of Magic: A L...

Dora Blume

Paranormal, Urban, Supernatural

Our Fearful Roots

Our Fearful Roots

Faith Marlow

Supernatural, Horror, Psychological, Supernatural

Come What May

Come What May

Kevin Swaim

Urban, Supernatural

Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine

Margot Scott

Dark, Paranormal, Suspense, Supernatural

Dead & Buried

Dead & Buried

T.K. Eldridge

Supernatural, Urban, Supernatural, Crime

Scarlet Cursed (The Raven Vampire Assassin Series Book 1)

Scarlet Cursed (Th...

Dora Blume

Paranormal, Supernatural, Urban, Supernatural

Unlucky Charm: A Superhero Urban Fantasy (Black Kat Book 1)

Unlucky Charm: A S...

Kimberly Gordon

Paranormal, Urban, Action & Adventure, Supernatural

Blood Witch Rising: A Jack Ladd Novel (Blood Witch Series Book 1)

Blood Witch Rising...

Joe Ulric

Supernatural, Urban, Action & Adventure, Supernatural

A Prescription for Possession (Van Helsing Organization Book 1)

A Prescription for...

Noree Cosper

Urban, Dark, Supernatural

Legacy of the Lost

Legacy of the Lost

Lindsey Sparks

Historical, Action & Adventure, Genetic Engineering, Supernatural


Damaris: FEARLESS...

Samia Akter

Supernatural, Dark, Middle Grade, Teen & Young Adult

We Don't Die

We Don't Die

Cedrick Wilson

Crime, Hard-Boiled, Supernatural, THRILLER

Seer of Truth : A Maura Robichard Action Adventure Psychic Thriller

Seer of Truth : A...

Judith Lucci

Crime, Supernatural, Supernatural, Crime

Kitchen Magic (Muriel's Cozy Magical Mysteries Book 1)

Kitchen Magic (Mur...

Anna Celeste Burke

Clean, Crime, Cozy, Supernatural